Aug 23, 2022

Pros and Cons of Recruitment Agency

Pros and Cons of Recruitment Agency

Pros and Cons of Recruitment Agency

JBR associates have been serving the manpower industry for the last 15 years. We have been offering our clients work possibilities at the greatest businesses. From our experience and candidates' queries, we have known the things that a candidate should know before consulting and joining a recruitment agency. One must be informed of all the standards to be followed to be processed with an employment organization while selecting a staffing agency in Nepal. You won't get into any type of problems if you stick to the guidelines. Our recruiting firm makes sure that all the processes are done correctly so that our employees are used to the best of their abilities.

There are a few advantages we have mentioned to joining the recruitment agency in Nepal. 

1. Expertise: Some manpower agencies include training in the services that they offer to the candidates as per company requirements. The agencies have expertise in dealing with the labour market, employment trends, job posting strategies, networking, applicant screening, industry-specific skills and requirements, work rules, and staffing and recruitment systems.

2. Increase Chances: Since the recruitment agencies have many companies around the globe linked with them and more job opportunities. There is a high chance you may land your dream job and dream country. Even if you are rejected by one country and organization, there is still a potential that you will be chosen for positions in other nations that are connected to the same recruiting agency.

3. Lesser Internal Politics: As a Recruitment agency is not the part of company there are fewer chances of internal politics. Additionally, the company's current employees' demands and a lot of internal conflicts are avoided due to the lower level of internal politics. As a result, it is a procedure with a high potential candidate who is equipped to handle any problem that arises inside the organization.

Although there are pros to using a recruiting agency in Nepal, there are also several cons that candidates should be aware of. You may experience certain drawbacks as a candidate if you don't select or hunt for the best recruitment firm. To assist you, we have listed a few cons of recruitment agencies  in Nepal:

1. Agencies are not trusted: Recruitment agencies perform a task where they are insufficiently informed about the culture and intrinsic characteristics of the business. They also don't give much thought to the essential qualifications for the position; as a result, they may put the wrong individuals in the wrong jobs, while candidates may encounter issues like inadequate salary and a lack of other facilities. Therefore, one must be aware of both the agencies and the nation in which they are located while choosing a recruiting agency.

2. Lack of Communication: One of the main reasons recruitment agencies have a bad reputation is because of their lack of communication. A few concerns from candidates include:
•    They may apply for jobs and never hear back 
•    They get contacted about irrelevant job roles 
•    Agencies are impersonal and don’t focus on candidates' career goals. 


3. Costly: A recruitment agency sometimes charges a high fee from the candidates. Though they get paid by the employer, they ask the applicants to pay fees under the name of registration, deposit, etc thus doubling their profits.

So, it’s the client that pays the recruitment agencies and they are more focused on achieving sales that they forget to provide e great candidate experience. So, candidates should focus and prioritize the agency that puts their queries and needs first.
Since our establishment, JBR Associates has been actively involved in attempting to remove all of these limitations and present a candidate with greater career chances. We are easily accessible to applicants through our toll-free numbers, and because we have been in this business for more than 15 years, we are regarded as the most reliable by both clients and candidates.