May 6, 2022

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

JBR Associates Pvt. Ltd. will provide the valued clients with the following services.

  • A formal written statement detailing the position to be filled, the methods to be used, and the name of the individual consultant who will be responsible for the assignment.

  • Throughout the assignment, JBR Associates Pvt. Ltd. will maintain regular communication with the client and the candidates, appraising the latter of their current situation.

  • No information about the client or candidate will knowingly be withheld if it might influence the other in their decision regarding the appointment.

  • If it becomes apparent that no candidate is available who can meet the specifications called for by the client or if the length of the search will differ considerably from that originally anticipated, we will advise the clients promptly and suggest alternative courses of action. If the client is unlikely to benefit from such a continuation for the assignment, then cancellation would be recommended.

  • JBR Associates Pvt. Ltd. will be prepared to demonstrate to the clients the extent of any search (while maintaining confidentiality) at any time during the assignment.


  • All advertisements would abide by the code of advertising practice guided by the Department of Foreign Employment (DOFE), Ministry of Labor & Employment Government of Nepal.


  • We would agree with the client on the responsibility for taking out references and validating professional and educational qualifications. Permission will be obtained from the candidate before taking out such references.


  • We will abide by the client's instructions regarding the confidentiality of the assignment and the limits of information, which can be divulged. Within these parameters, the candidates will be provided with full and concise information concerning the vacant position.

  • Unless otherwise agreed with the client, no candidate will be proposed until their suitability for the vacant position has been satisfactorily assessed by an interview.