May 6, 2022

Why Choose JBR Associates ?

Why Choose JBR Associates ?

Why Choose JBR Associates?

JBR Associates was born out of the belief that overseas recruitment can be easy, time centric and qualitative. We deliver what we say, and we seek to be the best in all trades of employment. JBR Associates is the first choice of every employer because of the strategic approach and on time service that we present to our clients. 



Every recruiter desires it. At JBR Associates, it's our main concern. Due to the attentiveness and strictness in candidate’s selection process, Training & counseling, we recruit the right candidates and receive a lot of referral business, building a strong talent pool for recruiters. We also stay in touch with our candidates, so you will notice prospective employees who are more organized and proactive.



We make sure our human resources are well scrutinized, interviewed and groomed by our own trustworthy agency and professional HR teams. When we speak with applicants, when we advertise, and when we market, we take very seriously the fact that we are representing our valued clients. We take the time to become familiar with your company so that we can handle this as professionally as we can. JBR Associates has gained a reputation for quality candidates and professional HR service.



We have the best team of employees who have dedicated their time and effort for the efficient and on time service to our clients and candidates. Our goal is to create a long lasting client-candidate relationship for mutual benefits of both the parties with full satisfaction. For this, we have an excellent team full of experience to cater your every recruitment needs from general workers to skilled manpower.


E-recruitment is a prominent website attracting many job seekers a month and hence, delivering an easy recruitment service for both employers and employee. Employers can select the right candidates from the huge number of database from our website, where every available employee is listed for recruiter’s selection. We extend our online presence with advertisements on major online job boards, and other social media platforms too. So employers can select the best candidate for the organization.



With over One and half decades of involvement in the recruitment business, JBR Associates Pvt. Ltd. has developed a prominent and respected position in the foreign recruitment market in Nepal. During this time we have built a considerable number of candidate’s database and happy employer.



Our employees stay with us twice as long as the industry average because we properly reward and develop them. As a result, your relationship with us will be stronger and more long-lasting, and your workers won't constantly have to get to know new members of the team. The fact that almost one-third of our staff members receive incentives strengthens their dedication to us over the long haul.